Update on the blog!

I’ve decided to buy a domain and hosting for the blog, so this will be the backup blog in case my main site goes down. You can find my new posts at http://Kaevex.com

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Watching now: Bakemonogatari

I’ve been watching Bakemonogatari since yesterday and I’m at episode 4 right now. These four episodes show a lot of potential for further development and I’m loving it at the moment. The characters are unique and have their own personal quirks, Senjougahara’s way of speaking, Araragi’s view on everything and the little girl who’s name I forgot all have unique personalities and the way they play together just fits perfectly.


What’s also surprised me, though it might be because I’m watching the Blu-ray release, is the animation quality of this series. It is one of the most smooth and good looking anime I’ve ever seen, everything looks great, the details are there and the motions are just superb! One thing that does bother me is that they show a part of the story though still images that flash way too fast for a normal person to read, so eventually I just stopped bothering with pausing to actually see what they’re saying and those images don’t really add that much to the story line anyways.

The final thing that has impressed me a lot too about the anime is the ending song, I love it and I know this is a matter of opinion, but the calm and serene song combined with the simple animation makes the ending such a beautiful one. I’m not that big of a fan of Supercell, but after seeing this ending a couple of times, I’m definitely fan of the song. I might even have to check more of Supercell’s songs, because they might have some other amazing songs in there too.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kujUq63iEE&hd=1]

All in all, after four episodes, I’m expecting Bakemonogatari to be a very good anime, nothing that will amaze me as much as Steins;Gate has, but still one I’ll be thinking back to later and might rewatch out of nostalgia. The characters are amazing, the story is interesting and the animation is top notch. If they keep this up for the other 11 episodes they have to go, it’ll definitely be a good anime to watch.

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Let’s play Pokémon Fire Red Part 2 and 3

I forgot to put up a link to part 2 and 3 of pokemon.

Part 2:

Part 3:

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MLG Orlando

MLG Orlando started today and after the amazing games of IPL 3 last week, this weekend will be another amazing one. Stephano just had the craziest winstreak throughout IPL and ended up winning the finals with a massive 4-0 sweep. Now this MLG promises a lot too with players like HuK, MC, Bomber, BoxeR and IdrA.

The first couple of games just started 2 hours ago and there already have been some crazy late game focused games, which are the games I’m looking for the most. (Kiwikaki vs. Stephano at IPL 3 for example) There’s still no perfect way to play in the late game in Starcraft and I think that watching those late game strategies pro players show during tournaments like MLG is the perfect way to find out what viable tactics there are.

Thhe way MLG is setup is also pretty great, the casters are amazing and the streams have no problems at all in terms of lag. The only thing I don’t like is how the pools are setup, because there’s one pool where there are 4 Protoss players with 1 Zerg player, while there are other pools where there are no Protoss players at all, so they could have spread it out a bit better. Except for that I’m really happy with everything and I’m hoping to see some amazing matches and possible even another foreigner win.


You can find the starcraft 2 streams at: http://pro.majorleaguegaming.com/live/starcraft_2

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Pokemon Playthrough

I decided to do a playthrough of Pokemon Fire Red on youtube, you can find it at http://youtube.com/thehaguegaming

Here’s the first part for the one’s interested.

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One Piece: The 2 year time skip

The last episode of One Piece was aired yesterday and two years have past. The Strawhat crew have trained and are now gathering at Sabaody Archipelago, so they can go to the new world. It’s the episode I’ve been waiting for the most since the scene with Ace’s death. I do know what’s going to happen because I’ve read the manga, but it’s so much more enjoyable to see this all animated. How everyone’s meeting each other, Zoro with his new look and reaching Sabaody as first without getting lost (thanks to Perona that is), Nami and Usopp in the bar with Usopp being a badass and how everyone has changed over these two years.

They are prepared to actually go to the new world now and continue their adventure and with the past 10 years of One Piece behind us, I’m perfectly prepared to follow the crew for another 10 years. Everyone has new abilities and looks and I can’t wait to see them animated. The one thing I do think is that with the way the manga is progressing, we’re not seeing enough of how strong they’ve become. However, the Story is amazingly epic and is completely worth folowwing.

Here’s hoping to another awesome 10 years!

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BF3 beta impressions

So I’ve been playing the Battlefield 3 beta for the past 36 hours or so (not constant, have to attend school) and I have to say that I’m very impressed with what DICE delivers.
The only map that’s available at the moment is Operation Metro, but the gameplay is smooth, the weapons feel great and they’ve really put the focus of the game on teamwork. The only downside to the beta is that certain things aren’t available yet. (vehicles, mortars etc.) Anyways, I’m going to play a couple more games, it’s definitely the best shooter I’ve played and I can’t wait until the full game get’s released!

The beta will open for everyone on the 29th of September and the game will be released on the 25th of October.


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