Kara – Step

I listen to a lot of music, the genre never matters to me. It can be anything from pop to metal, but the genre I always turn back to when I just want to listen to music in general is J-pop or K-pop.

Kara’s new song Step is one  of those K-pop songs and I have to admit that even though the song is really simple and just a generic pop song, it manages to make me listen to it over and over again. Maybe it’s just because the song is so simple, happy and upbeat. I don’t know.

But yeah, when you go to my last.fm account, you’ll see that I’ve listened to Kara’s song over Thirty times already this week! The song just manages to make me feel happy and makes me want to dance. That and of course seeing five beautiful women perform on stage is always a bonus. (Especially Nicole, she looks amazing!)

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