Battlefield 3 Beta

As of right now it’s twelve hours to go until the Battlefield 3 closed beta get’s released. I have a beta key and I can’t wait to play it. It has been hyped so much and I do think that it’ll live up to it.

Now with all the first person shooters that have been made and are coming out, Battlefield 3 is the one I want to play the most, because Call of Duty just hasn’t done anything special the last couple of years, they play the same and the arcade type feeling that the CoD games have is too easy and somehow always manages to make a lot of people angry, while BF3 is supposed to deliver simulation like gameplay, that’s aimed more at tactical play and teamwork, which I like a lot. CoD is just too much based on your kdr and playing for yourself and not your team.

Anyways, that’s enough rambling for now, the BF3 beta will be released at the 27th of september, 2 PM GMT+2. The official release of the game will be the 25th of October.

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