BF3 beta impressions

So I’ve been playing the Battlefield 3 beta for the past 36 hours or so (not constant, have to attend school) and I have to say that I’m very impressed with what DICE delivers.
The only map that’s available at the moment is Operation Metro, but the gameplay is smooth, the weapons feel great and they’ve really put the focus of the game on teamwork. The only downside to the beta is that certain things aren’t available yet. (vehicles, mortars etc.) Anyways, I’m going to play a couple more games, it’s definitely the best shooter I’ve played and I can’t wait until the full game get’s released!

The beta will open for everyone on the 29th of September and the game will be released on the 25th of October.

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8 Responses to BF3 beta impressions

  1. John says:

    John McFist

  2. DaVinkie says:

    John McFart
    Anyway, I have been seeing a lot of negative feedback. Is any of it true, as in, is there a bad hit detection, some lag and a lack of destruction?

    • kaevex says:

      I haven’t seen any bad hit detection yet, it’s better than in BC2 and I’ve had no lag at all, but there is a lack of destructible objects yes. I’ve only seen a couple of walls fall down, haven’t seen any entire buildings destroyed yet.

  3. Billy Carrot says:

    Console versions sucks monkey dick.

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