One Piece: The 2 year time skip

The last episode of One Piece was aired yesterday and two years have past. The Strawhat crew have trained and are now gathering at Sabaody Archipelago, so they can go to the new world. It’s the episode I’ve been waiting for the most since the scene with Ace’s death. I do know what’s going to happen because I’ve read the manga, but it’s so much more enjoyable to see this all animated. How everyone’s meeting each other, Zoro with his new look and reaching Sabaody as first without getting lost (thanks to Perona that is), Nami and Usopp in the bar with Usopp being a badass and how everyone has changed over these two years.

They are prepared to actually go to the new world now and continue their adventure and with the past 10 years of One Piece behind us, I’m perfectly prepared to follow the crew for another 10 years. Everyone has new abilities and looks and I can’t wait to see them animated. The one thing I do think is that with the way the manga is progressing, we’re not seeing enough of how strong they’ve become. However, the Story is amazingly epic and is completely worth folowwing.

Here’s hoping to another awesome 10 years!

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One Response to One Piece: The 2 year time skip

  1. John McFist says:

    Dance for Life!

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