MLG Orlando

MLG Orlando started today and after the amazing games of IPL 3 last week, this weekend will be another amazing one. Stephano just had the craziest winstreak throughout IPL and ended up winning the finals with a massive 4-0 sweep. Now this MLG promises a lot too with players like HuK, MC, Bomber, BoxeR and IdrA.

The first couple of games just started 2 hours ago and there already have been some crazy late game focused games, which are the games I’m looking for the most. (Kiwikaki vs. Stephano at IPL 3 for example) There’s still no perfect way to play in the late game in Starcraft and I think that watching those late game strategies pro players show during tournaments like MLG is the perfect way to find out what viable tactics there are.

Thhe way MLG is setup is also pretty great, the casters are amazing and the streams have no problems at all in terms of lag. The only thing I don’t like is how the pools are setup, because there’s one pool where there are 4 Protoss players with 1 Zerg player, while there are other pools where there are no Protoss players at all, so they could have spread it out a bit better. Except for that I’m really happy with everything and I’m hoping to see some amazing matches and possible even another foreigner win.


You can find the starcraft 2 streams at:

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